Friday, 17 January 2014

Health Benefits of Cucumber

Cucumber - Health Benefits

I have always been a big fan of salad as it gives me all what is necessary for me in one meal. Cucumber seems to be most vital part of salads and for all the good reasons which I would like to share with you through this blog. I hope this would encourage you to make it part of your meal at least once in a day.

  1. Cucumbers keeps you hydrated as it contains more than 90% water.
  2. Cucumbers relieves you from heartburn.
  3. Cucumber extracts, when applied on skin, reduces tans and sunburns.
  4. Cucumber flushes out toxins in our body.
  5. Cucumber dissolves kidney stones with regular intake.
  6. Cucumber supplies skin-friendly minerals like magnesium, silicon and potassium.
  7. Cucumbers aids in weight loss.
  8. Cucumbers revives eyes by reducing under-eye bags and puffiness.
  9. Cucumbers reduces the chances of cancer with regular intake.
  10. Cucumbers stabilizes blood pressure.
  11. Cucumbers refreshes mouth and heal diseased gums.
  12. Cucumbers are rich in fiber which aids in digestion.
  13. Cucumbers are rich in silica which makes hair and nails strong.
  14. Cucumbers soothes muscle and joint pain.
  15. Cucumbers lowers uric acid levels.
  16. Cucumbers have lower glycemic index.
  17. Cucumbers help reduce bad cholesterol. 


  1. Thanks a lot for the info dear should be weary helpful for me and i just told my mom to buy cucumber so that i can have it today itself and i am really happy that u have dedicated the blog to your loving husband it says about a lot of thinks i need dear thanks a lot once again dear keep the good job up :)

    1. Thank you Manu. Do read my blogs. Will be coming up with more health updates and recipes sweet and healthy.

  2. Very useful info...everyone would realize the importance of cucumber...

  3. Healthy tips prita, well done ND waiting for more useful info from u...