Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Egg Dosa

This day I would like to share with you a health recipe. How about EGG DOSA for breakfast? Egg Dosa is balanced with carbohydrates, proteins and vegetables. Moreover, its a tasty dish. This is a simple and easy preparation.

Healthy Egg Dosa
Preparation time : 15 minutes
Serves :1 or 2


  1. Dosa Batter - 1/2 cup
  2. Egg, beaten - 1 no.
  3. Tomato, chopped - 2 tbsp
  4. Onion, chopped - 2 tbsp
  5. Green chilli, chopped - 1 no.
  6. Ginger, chopped - 1 tsp.
  7. Coriander leaves, chopped - 1 tbsp.
  8. Curry leaves, chopped - 1 tbsp.
  9. Salt to taste

Combine and mix the ingredients together in a bowl. Heat the pan and rub with oil on the pan, when hot. Pour a handful scoop of the mixture onto the pan. Run with a spoon on top of the mixture to level in the pan.
A handful scoop levelled onto the pan
 When the down portion is cooked and a little crispy, turn it over. Cook the other side and transfer it to a plate.
Flipped dosa , cooking

Cook the remaining mixture as mentioned above.

Have a healthy plate of Egg Dosa for breakfast!!!

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